Bloggers, Here is what you can do Improve Domain Authority of Your Blog!

Domain Authority (DA) – You have heard of this term before and it’s a known fact that a high domain authority means higher chances of your blog and articles ranking in search engines, such as Google. Further in this article, I will tell you the exact steps that will increase your DA in a very short span of time and help you gain more visibility in Google Search.

But first, let’s understand what Domain Authority(DA) is and why it is important:

Domain Authority is a matrix developed by MOZ that indicates how good a website will rank on Google search results. MOZ has said that they take more than 40 factors into consideration when calculating Domain Authority of any page and they use data from Mozscape web index. Some of these factors are links to your website, internal links among your pages, Moz trust score of your domain and generally speaking overall SEO of your domain.

You can check your Domain Authority of your domain by using Moz open site explorer which gives your site a score out of 100. A higher Domain Authority is better for your search engine rankings.

You can also check the authority of a specific page with the above tool which is known as Page Authority.Your page authority will be different for each landing page of your website.

A high domain authority is one of the best factors to ensure that your website will rank well in search engines. Any domain with a high DA will naturally follow recommended SEO practices, resulting in more traffic from search queries.

Don’t get worried if you have a low domain authority. Read on for things that you can do right now to improve the domain authority of your blog in less than a month – yes, the process doesn’t need to take forever and domain authority can be improved fairly quickly if you take the right steps.

Steps to Increase Domain Authority

Create Backlinks–The most important factor to determine the domain authority is backlinks. You should make sure that more and more domains are linking back to your domain but also make sure that the backlinks are not spam. You can use Open Site Explorer to estimate the spam score of any web page to determine if it is a quality backlinks. Now, creating backlinks can be a massive and on-going task but it doesn’t need to be confusing. Here are some ways to create quick and quality backlinks for your blog:

  • Participate in Forums/Boards –Forums and Q/A boards related to your niche are a great source to get backlinks from. You should start participating in such conversations and leave a link back to your domain, wherever possible. Quora is a great website to start with and you can search for more, depending on your niche.
  • Comment on Blogs –List down all the popular blogs in your niche with high domain authority and start a conversation with the author through comments. A simple Google search will give your list of thousands of such blogs. Add some genuine content in your comments and make sure you are not spamming the blogs with comments like “nice blog” etc.
  • Submit to Blog Directories –Blog and RSS directories are resources to get backlinks and establish authority to your blog. Make sure you submit a detailed description of your blog and don’t just copy-paste same description all over the internet.
  • Write for other publications –Writing for other content platforms like blogs and magazines is one of the best ways to gain great backlinks and attract new audience for your blog. List down all the blogs that accept guest posts and find magazines that accept submissions from guest authors. Pitch your content idea to the editors and make sure your provide content that they find hard to say ‘no’ to.

Remove The Bad Links –Creating new backlinks is important but removing backlinks that can harm your rankings and increase spam score is equally necessary. You should regularly filter your backlinks to remove the bad ones.

Write Mata Tags –Writingseparate Meta title and description tags for each blog post can have a huge impact on your blog ranking and Click-Through-Rate in search engines. Make sure the Meta description and title are 160 and 65 characters each and try to include your keywords in a generic way instead of forcing them into sentences.

Create Content that the User (and Search Engines) Love – This is no brainier but the most effective and sure shot way to make your blog a success is to provide great, creative content that users love and is easy for search engines to discover. Write genuine content and never copy from other sources – be yourself.It’s never too late to remove any duplicate content from your blog, if you have any.

Be Social–Social signals are important for rankings on search engines. Your social presence can increase the chances of ranking in search engines and sharing your content on social media channels will give a good boost domain authority of your website. Make sure your share all your posts to all your social networks and channels where your targeted audience can find and follow to your website.

The above steps are concrete ways that will lead to the marketing success of your blog, gain traffic and audience. Make sure you execute all the mentioned steps to increase the domain authority of your blog.

Comment below if you have any questions or something to add.

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